The Basics

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This page and its children will serve as your launching off point to the main subjects covered by this blog. 

Any post tagged or categorized as “The Basics” represents one I feel conveys some aspect of the basic premises of my ideas.


The three minimal conditions required for communication between any two or more parties:

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  2. Physical Media that can be manipulated and sensed by both parties:      Bullet icon glossary Bullet icon  tagged posts Bullet icon categorized posts
  3. Agreed Upon Encoding

The shared context may be one that is based on shared experience (e.g., witnessing the same events, such as attending the same rock concert or political rally) or on parallel experience (e.g., undergoing similar experiences at different times, such as becoming a parent).

Data and Software Semantics

What “society” does with a symbol is to reinforce it, repeat it, and in this way amplify it. The most commonly shared concepts packaged in the most commonly recognized symbols will tend to get the most use and hence will tend toward relatively more people receiving the same message. The “society” that uses software defines its content as surely as the software developers that built it. No matter how valuable the end result might be of trying to capture the semantics of that society, the number of systems that come on and off line, the number of changes to the business, the personnel and political changes that alter the semantic landscape, the number of external business partners, the number of external standards bodies, the number of mergers and acquisitions, means that no definitive end state exists in that endeavor.

How Symbols Work

This discussion thread will cover basic notion of symbol construction and usage. It will include interesting examples of syntactic media, as well as discussions of how humans both project meaning onto that media, and how they extract meaning back out of it as well. This will include how negotiation and agreement is used to establish the usage of a symbol, and perhaps how those usages are propagated, promoted, and spread.

Anything that a human can experience through the senses and which can be manipulated physically may be put to use as the carrier of meaning. This is not limited to direct sensation and manipulation, but includes anything that can be sensed or manipulated through technology’s tools (for example, a microscope and laser etcher might be used to scrawl a message on the head of a pin).

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