If You Reached This Entry…

So I’m incrementally organizing this blog to my liking, and have a lot left to do, having only started it a week ago now. One of the things I’m trying to do is create certain fixed pages of interesting (I hope) content to act as the entry point to some of my envisioned posts. My first example of this is my Glossary page. Eventually, I will have a large number of posts (if the pile of ideas I’ve been collecting on a desk behind me is any real indication). What these fixed pages will do is allow me to provide summaries of the basic premises and ideas, and then group related posts into categories related to these basics. That way, finding one’s way around and finding more content related to an idea you might find interesting will be made easier.

So if you have reached this entry by way of one of my fixed pages, my apologies. It just means that I haven’t yet had the time to write that next post on this subject. I’ll get to it, I promise!

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