How Community Changes The Artist’s Conception

The Artist and the Standard Interpretation

The Artist and the Standard Interpretation

  • The Artist creates her artwork, with a particular symbolic meaning in mind.
  • The Art Dealer/Gallery Owner tries to explain what the artist had in mind.
  • The Art Critic sees something somewhat different by projecting his own notions on the work.
  • The Art Historian synthesizes what she’s heard, and unwittingly, and unbenownst guesses some of the original intent.
  • Ultimate truth is the one written by History, so over time, this final interpretation becomes the accepted meaning.


soda vs pop vs coke (via chai T)

Someone has been doing some good research. This doesn’t change my earlier post, but kind of corroborates what i was trying to say.

soda vs pop vs coke it amazes me the things people will bicker over. where i grew up, everyone called it soda, so that is what i call it. when my first girlfriend and i started becoming friends and then dating, we had this conversation a lot. she was from southern minnesota and adamant about correcting me anytime i asked for a soda. it got to the point where i would just request a beverage by it's name. one day, when she took me home (to her very catholic, homophobi … Read More

via chai T

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