For simplicity sake, let’s consider that Meaning, in the ultimate sense of the term, has NO STRUCTURE. In actual fact, it has been proposed that each human being will contain some physical characteristics which may ultimately be recognized as the structure of meaning within their heads. However, it is my opinion that whatever turns out to be that structure, there will be no commonality of the specific structures for similar concepts in two different people’s brains. So while individual human’s brain structures may be replicable after we reach the “Singularity”, they most likely will not be directly translatable. (In other words, I think there will never be a time when two humans can read the information in each other’s heads.) Each brain structure will have developed in similar fashions, but under the mathematical and physical laws of Chaos theory. In other words, each individual brain will be as unique unto itself as a snowflake.

January 26, 2007

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